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Growing a family and a career is a challenge. However, modern working practices can help parents stay engaged in their careers without having to compromise family time.

Whether it's flexitime, part-time or work from home, we strive to find mums (and dads) projects, tasks and job opportunities that value and reward their professional skills while providing a better fit to family life.

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All about mums

How it works

We take care of everything. All payments and invoices are found on your dashboard giving you a single, easy to manage place to keep track of all of your live jobs.


Create your profile, set availability and choose project type (e.g. in or out of office).

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Get ready for notifications of matched jobs or search for jobs.

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Make contact with the project owner to agree deliverables and terms.

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Get the job done!

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With a little flexibility, there's a whole host of projects and tasks we can help you get done, with a mum.

What kind of projects and tasks can I do?

From copywriting to social media management and desk research to proofreading – there's a whole host of projects and tasks we hope to service. And as mums share more skills, we'll go out there and find projects and tasks that put them to use.

How do I know what to charge?

When setting up your profile, we share an average hourly for each type of task. You can then adjust the amount you want to charge dependant on your experience level.

How do I get paid?

Once the job is done, or two weeks of time sheets have been completed and approved, we'll begin the payment process, which typically takes 14 days for the money to appear in your bank account.

What if there's a problem with a project or task?

The first port of call is the project owner who prepared the brief. Their preferred contact details are always on the brief. If the problem persists, the Army of Mums team is there to help and support you to get the job done.

What do we charge you for the service?

It's free for mums to sign up. We only charge 2.5% of the total fee when a project is fully completed. This is deducted from your earning at the end of the project.