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How we help businesses

We will help you take the strain off your teams by outsourcing one-off tasks or short term projects to our talented, professional mums.

Grow cost-effectively, whilst building a diverse talent pool and supporting mums who want to get back into the workforce.

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How we help mums

We will help you find flexible, freelance work that fits around your family life and other commitments.

Keep your professional skills sharp, or ease back into the workforce after a career break. And get rewarded fairly by companies that embrace flexibility, and feel valued for your work.

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With Intelligent Matching

At the heart of the site will be an intelligent algorithm that matches projects and mums.

Create a profile, and manage your projects from an easy to use dashboard.

Get it done with an AoM mum

With a little flexibility, there’s a whole host of projects that our mums can get done.

Writing Skills

Copywriting, proofreading, newsletters, business updates.

Design Skills

Document enhancing, Illustration and graphics, image sourcing.

Social Media Management

Social channel strategy, content planning, reporting analytics.

Online Community Management

Blog and social posting, chat support, Sentiment monitoring.

Business Support Services

Virtual assistant services, event planning & support, HR Support.

Research & Reporting

Product reviews, market & competitor research, sales/lead generation, campaign reviews.

How it works

We will take care of everything – from finding project workers to tracking projects and managing payments.


Create your profile, showcase your skills, and set your availability.

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Post a project using our templated briefing process.

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Mums and businesses can view their best matches in minutes.

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Create shortlists, agree terms and start working together to get things done.

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Sign up and be ready to things done with a mum.


With a little flexibility, there’s a whole host of projects and tasks we can help you get done, with a mum.