Get things done with an Army of Mums

We’re on a mission to get mums back into the workforce.

We know mums are brilliant at getting things done. So, we want to provide a platform that introduces talented mums to projects and tasks that businesses need to get done.

And businesses get access to an experienced, flexible workforce when they have tasks they’d like to outsource, or if they need to tap into some specific expertise.

Have you seen our Coaches Directory?

Whether you’re a mum plotting a return to work or a business looking to unlock that next phase of growth, we have a collection of coaches who are there to help.

Check them out and messages the ones of most interest.

Follow our progress to launch

Whether you’re a mum, a business or an investor, follow our progress as we get ready to turn on the first version of the platform.

Be in touch

If you have any feedback you’d like to share – or if you see opportunities to partner with us – please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

Our sister site is Army of Nannies

We also have a platform that’s devoted to helping families find childcare.

Army of Nannies supports working mums with flexible childcare solutions.  From part-time and full-time nanny searches to NannySitting (that’s babysitting from professional nannies).

Start your nanny search and make local matches in minutes.