Helping stakeholders track our progress to full launch

Theme of activities: Gen AI informs what comes next


We will deliver something truly groudbreaking to the recruitment landscape.

Not to give too much away, but Gen AI will play a central role in helping mums reconnect with their skills and find well-rewarded, career building opportunities through the platform.

To get there, we looking for invested partners to join us from the early stages of our journey.

  • Leadership team ready to go
  • Pitch deck, business plan & financial forecast in place
  • HMRC Advance Assurance for EIS & SEIS secured
  • The first version of the platform is fully built and ready for launch
  • Schedule investor meetings
  • 1-2-1 networking with team connections (on-going)
  • Ramp-up pre-launch comms across established social channels (on-going)
  • Develop outlines for launch campaigns
  • Appoint social media savvy mums to support channel grow and community building
  • Core messaging and brand assets developed
  • Social channels set up and ready for launch
  • Early sign-ups across mums and business in place (on-going)
  • Coaching Directory established and growing on the pre-launch site (over 60 coaches and growing)
  • V1 of project and task matching is ready for launch

We enter our first raise of £300k to support our launch and the development of groudbreaking tech.  We already have strong expressions of interest.

To pre-register your priority interest email

Exploring the AoM site & driving early sign-ups

The Coaching Directory was launched in Q1 2022.

So far, we have over 60 pioneer coaches listed, and it’s steadily growing.

As we grow, this will be a handy resource to support our audience of mums and businesses.  We also hope it becomes an effective two-way referral channel.

Our blog is built and presents posts from a selection of our coaches.

We’ll grow this out over time across a range of conversation themes and relevant guest posts – all great for driving organic social traction.

While V1 of the site is fully built, the current version of the website hides the project posting and matching functionalities.

Site visitors are encouraged to ‘Get Ready For Launch’ with a light-touch data-collect.

We will notify all early sign-ups at the full launch.

Please sign up to AoM using the button top right of this page.